Virtual Tradeshows and Events

We were pleased to be able to partner with Vail Marketing Communications on this article.  Jessica Vail, and Mark Taylor from Apogee collaborated on this publication to help Exhibit managers navigate the virtual space questions that have arisen as a result of the large-scale cancellation of all live-events in 2020. With the recent cancellation of […]

Custom Made Exhibits Drive Customers

Trade show floors often consist of an endless sea of ho-hum booths. At first glance, one display looks virtually identical to the next, with little or no differentiation. Other than a small sign declaring the name of the company exhibiting within the confines, there is little or no content indicating the booth has anything special […]

“Illuminating” Lighting Ideas

Companies frequently spend a great deal of time, creative brainpower and financial resources to plan and execute a show stopping trade show display. Then, unfortunately, they leave out one very important element: lighting. All that effort expended on a booth designed to wow visitors, when lackluster lighting means they can’t even really see it. Without […]

Showcasing Sustainability in your Trade Show Exhibit

Your customers increasingly care about sustainability. In a recent PwC report on corporate sustainability, 75% of CEOs polled indicate sustainable business practices are important. These business leaders and their employees are looking to connect with companies that offer opportunities to further their sustainability goals. A trade show display offers a powerful way to communicate with […]

Go Green: Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Trade show exhibitors who offer promotional products attract traffic to their exhibits and leave lasting impressions on attendees who visit their space. What’s more, environmentally-friendly promotional items that are branded help increase brand awareness and illustrate your company’s environmental and social commitments. Learn how environmentally friendly trade show giveaways help raise your trade show profile […]

Spring into these 5 Fresh Trade Show Booth Ideas

Spring is here, so what better time to freshen up your trade show strategy? While trade shows present an excellent opportunity to attract quality leads and meet with key prospects, it can be a challenge to set your brand apart from the crowd. Here are some of our favorite creative trade show booth ideas and […]

Best Trade Show Apps for Exhibitors

Staying organized while exhibiting at a trade show can be difficult. Luckily the digital age has ushered in technology that can help exhibitors stay on top of everything, from travel arrangements to staff scheduling. In addition to popular business travel apps—such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, Uber & Lyft—here are Apogee’s best apps for trade show exhibitors. […]

Trade Show Trends 2019

Top Trade Show Trends

This year is already becoming a big year for trade shows. While attendees rush in to trade shows by the thousands, exhibitors of all sizes now have the chance to market their businesses like never before. Gone are the days when trade shows only played into the hands of big-budget companies; a small- or medium-sized […]

With so many biotechnology and pharma trade shows to choose from in 2019, we have compiled our list of the top events to help you grow your business.

Top Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Trade Shows in 2019

The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. Every year, hundreds of trade shows and conventions are held around the world, gathering thousands of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies exhibiting to hundreds of thousands of visitors. With so many biotechnology and pharmaceutical trade shows to choose from, we have compiled our list […]

Whether your trade show booth is a modular rental or custom designed and built, you can keep your visitors excited, involved, and focused on your brand with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Engage Trade Show Attendees with Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality captures the attention of attendees and creates an immersive experience that keeps your visitors excited, involved, and focused on your brand. The competition at trade shows is known to be fierce. Exhibitors are shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors trying to catch the attention of a shared audience. That’s where virtual and augmented reality […]

Trends in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry trade shows in 2019.

Trade Show Trends to Watch

Our free Ebook, “Trade Shows 2020: Trends for Next Year’s Successful Exhibits” highlights the top trends taking place at trade shows in the coming year. Get the Ebook This is gearing up to be a successful year for marketers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Innovations in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will make it […]