Custom Made Exhibits Drive Customers

Trade show floors often consist of an endless sea of ho-hum booths. At first glance, one display looks virtually identical to the next, with little or no differentiation. Other than a small sign declaring the name of the company exhibiting within the confines, there is little or no content indicating the booth has anything special or unique to offer.

Because there is so much competition for an attendee’s time and attention at a conference or exposition, a company must stand out to attract visitors. Exhibiting with a customized exhibit is one way to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Going beyond the standard, cookie-cutter appearance of the booths around you and putting up something unique greatly increases your chance to get noticed by clients and prospects at the event.

A talented exhibit partner can work closely with you and your team to plan and execute a striking trade show booth that aligns with your brand messaging and goals. They can incorporate creative signage, innovative visuals and messaging, tech tools and other components to come up with a solution that enables you to make connections without breaking your budget.

Here are some tips for putting together a customized booth display that fits your firm.

Focus on your brand

Make sure your planning always keeps your products, services, and goals for the events at the center. It is fine to incorporate clever visuals, themes, or high-tech elements, but if they don’t quite fit your company’s offerings or brand, those great ideas end up being not so bright, because your brand gets lost under all of the noise. If you ensure your brand is the star of the show, you boost your chance of successfully getting the right message across.
Opt for simplicity

Eye-popping graphics, video displays and other energetic elements can be put to good use in a trade show display. However, it is important you don’t go overboard with the “wow” factor. It isn’t necessary to plaster every surface with your logo, messages and other items. In fact, an excessive amount of such elements can make booth visitors feel overwhelmed. You want to leave them with a good impression, not a headache. Instead, remember that when it comes to the look of a booth, often less is more.

Keep it comfy

A trade show can stretch across hundreds of thousands of square feet. The experience of covering all that real estate to visit every booth can be downright exhausting for attendees. By offering a welcoming, comfortable space, your booth can provide a relaxing oasis that helps them recover from the grueling experience—and that’s something they likely will appreciate. Adding elements like couches, plush carpet, a coffee bar and other inviting items that make your booth a place that visitors will want to linger in.

Looking for other ideas to ensure your trade show display stands out?
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