Custom Made Exhibits Drive Customers

Trade show floors often consist of an endless sea of ho-hum booths. At first glance, one display looks virtually identical to the next, with little or no differentiation. Other than a small sign declaring the name of the company exhibiting within the confines, there is little or no content indicating the booth has anything special […]

“Illuminating” Lighting Ideas

Companies frequently spend a great deal of time, creative brainpower and financial resources to plan and execute a show stopping trade show display. Then, unfortunately, they leave out one very important element: lighting. All that effort expended on a booth designed to wow visitors, when lackluster lighting means they can’t even really see it. Without […]

Showcasing Sustainability in your Trade Show Exhibit

Your customers increasingly care about sustainability. In a recent PwC report on corporate sustainability, 75% of CEOs polled indicate sustainable business practices are important. These business leaders and their employees are looking to connect with companies that offer opportunities to further their sustainability goals. A trade show display offers a powerful way to communicate with […]

Pick the perfect trade show exhibit location

How to Pick the Perfect Trade Show Exhibit Location

Picking the right space for your trade show exhibit is essential for gaining foot traffic, visibility and generating leads. There are many factors that should be considered when picking the perfect spot on the trade show floor. In this post, we cover how to select the best space to help you exhibit better at your […]

Qualifying Trade Show Leads

Not all leads captured on the trade show floor are equal so the ability to quickly qualify leads is crucial. The task of qualifying trade show leads is an art form of sorts. It is a skill that is often overlooked by event managers and booth staffers alike, but with practice even the most novice […]

How to Capture Prospects at a Trade Show

In the world of traditional sales, dogged determination can often get you one of two results: you land a lead, or get you blacklisted. While we’re not all Alec Baldwin’s character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, fortunately, there’s more to collecting leads than a tenacious attitude. Customer-Centric Booth Design On the day of the […]

Pitch Perfect: Selling at a Trade Show

The trade show floor is a salesperson’s dream: prospective clients who are begging to be wowed. But while the bodies are warm, there’s still work to be done. A smart sales strategy and a good sales pitch are needed to separate your brand from your competitor’s. In this post, you’ll learn how to hone your […]

Secrets to a Successful Trade Show Email Campaign

Email marketing is the preferred outreach platform for event marketers. Email allows brands to personalize their message to connect with a wide audience for a relatively low cost, while providing a wealth of engagement metrics to track success. Leveraging the power of event email marketing is the perfect way to nurture your clients and prospects […]

Apogee's Ebook, Tech Ideas That Make Your Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Booth Stand Out” highlights the right mix of tech elements to attract today’s tech-savvy customer.

Tech Ideas That Make Your Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Booth Stand Out

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical trade shows can have a different atmosphere than other industry shows. Often dealing with medical and scientific breakthroughs that change lives and innovate industries, there is an aura of significance at each and every booth. Trade shows are your best opportunity at attracting interest from serious leads, in person. But with so […]

The Value of Being an Exhibitor!

The trade show environment offers businesses a unique opportunity to directly engage and interact with prospective clients. They provide an alternative and tangible avenue to leave a lasting impression on potential customers through personal engagements. In order to reap the benefits of your trade show program efforts, you must have strategic initiatives in place and […]