Mastering the International Stage: A Guide for U.S. Exhibitors Going Global

The opportunity to extend your business horizon and expand your network overseas via international trade shows is an exhilarating prospect for any ambitious US exhibitor. It’s a vibrant platform for showcasing products, building relationships, and generating potential leads on a global scale. However, success in this sphere isn’t simply a product of showing up. It […]

NPE 2024: Why Advanced Planning Is Important

Are you planning to attend NPE2024, one of the largest and most important tradeshows in the plastics industry? If so, make sure you start planning now! We here at Apogee Exhibits are already working with clients in planning for this event that is taking place for the first time since 2018. Advance planning is crucial […]

The Importance of Branding Your Office Interiors: Creating a Lasting Impression

In today’s competitive business world, a strong brand identity is crucial for success. While most companies invest time and effort in crafting their logo, website, and marketing materials, many overlook the potential of branding their office interiors. A well-branded office environment can create a lasting impression on clients, boost employee morale, and showcase your company’s […]

7 Reasons Why Event Marketing Should Be Integral to Your Overall Marketing Strategy

1.) Networking opportunities: Trade shows and events bring together professionals from different industries, providing ample opportunities for companies to network with potential clients, suppliers, and partners. 2.) Increased brand awareness: By participating in trade shows and events, companies can increase their brand exposure and visibility among a targeted audience. This can help increase brand recognition […]

Trade show floor

Trade Shows 2023: What To Expect

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and exhibitors are already knee-deep in planning for 2023 events and activations. Today we’ll cover everything you need to know to prepare for a successful 2023 show year. We will cover the top trends, what to expect on the show floor, how you can navigate a world […]

Fall Newsletter update from Apogee CEO Mark Taylor

It’s hard to believe we’re already through the first week of August! Fall Trade shows are coming up quickly. In this newsletter we’ll offer some additional resources to help you plan for your Fall shows, and get ready for 2023’s event landscape. If we can offer one bit of advice: Start early! The supply chain […]

Have you noticed the price of gas?…..

The recent (and drastic) increase in fuel costs have sent ripple effects through the economy, our industry, and your bottom line.  However, trade shows, live events, and other activations are still an effective way of reaching your audience.  Moreover, trade shows still offer the most efficient way of connecting with your potential customers.  The cost […]

With so many biotechnology and pharma trade shows to choose from in 2019, we have compiled our list of the top events to help you grow your business.

2022 Trade Show Planning Guide

“Nothing will ever replace the face to face opportunity that trade shows offer” – Apogee client quote Trade shows resumed in 2021 and we witnessed a changed landscape with regard to budgeting, planning, and execution of events. One key to ensuring your investment in attending these dynamic events still pays off: properly planning your overall […]

Branding Your Office: Elements and approaches to enhance your brand

When it comes to corporate branding, many Marketers focus on brand activity outside of the organizations home office.  External Marketing elements such as Websites, events, advertising campaigns become the core focus, when building the brand “at home” in their offices and manufacturing facilities is just as important.  Here we’ll look at several methods (and reasons) […]

Live Business events have returned. Here’s what we’re seeing…

For nearly 15 months the live events industry was largely shut down due to the effects of the pandemic. Recently, events have begun happening again and we’re all excited to be going back to the show floor. In this blog we’ll cover what we’re seeing, and try to provide our customers/partners a glimpse into what to expect as they return to trade shows and meetings.

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Environmental Branding and why it’s important

Brand integrity begins with the promise that a brand offers both it’s employees, as well as it’s customers.  To begin understanding this, an organization must first help it’s internal brand ambassador’s understand why it’s important.  The best ambassador a brand can have it that of it’s ownership, and it’s employees.  Brand loyalty begins here.  Effectively […]