Branding Your Office: Elements and approaches to enhance your brand

When it comes to corporate branding, many Marketers focus on brand activity outside of the organizations home office.  External Marketing elements such as Websites, events, advertising campaigns become the core focus, when building the brand “at home” in their offices and manufacturing facilities is just as important.  Here we’ll look at several methods (and reasons) […]

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Environmental Branding and why it’s important

Brand integrity begins with the promise that a brand offers both it’s employees, as well as it’s customers.  To begin understanding this, an organization must first help it’s internal brand ambassador’s understand why it’s important.  The best ambassador a brand can have it that of it’s ownership, and it’s employees.  Brand loyalty begins here.  Effectively […]

Keeping the Office Safe & Sanitized Without Ignoring Your Brand

As the country re-opens, every business owner is determining how to make her office a safe place for both employees and visitors. Different towns, cities, counties, and even states have very different mandates for businesses to open amid the Covid-19 outbreak. And while many companies are doing the bare minimum to comply, there are some […]

Budgeting For Branded Environments: How To Plan For Branding Your Office

Planning a budget for anything can be an arduous task.  When planning a budget for a branded environments project, there are even more factors to consider.  Here’s a helpful outline to help guide your process for budgeting for a Branded Environment. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” type of process!   Defining the […]

Eight reasons why it is important to develop a strong global brand strategy.

8 reasons to promote a strong brand strategy

To fully understand your brand, you want to think about the entire experience one has with your brand and facilities. This includes everything from your logo, Mission Statement, and Web properties to your culture, workplace physical environment and consistency of message across all media. But that’s not all, everything speaks! In a nutshell, your brand […]