Branded Environments and Interiors

Your office space is an expression of your corporate brand identity, but does it say what you want it to?

A strong brand connects with people at an emotional level, leading to positive feelings and a stronger remembrance of why they interact with your brand in the first place. This can be felt by your visitors, your clients, and even your team.

If these walls could talk...

Your interior spaces are prime real estate. Let your walls do the talking. Bold quotes and images that help project your core values and mission statement can help communicate who you are and why you do what you do.

Image Source: Office Snapshots, Silicon Valley Bank, NYC

Why brand your space?

Your brand delivers on a promise.  Your space should communicate, motivate, and help visitors and employees feel comfortable. Read here for more information on how to create a strong brand strategy.

We are driven to create branded spaces that advance your key business goals. We bring decades of expertise combining graphic visuals, architectural elements, and interactive technology to tell your story.



Telling your story

When visitors walk into your space they should instantly experience your company brand and culture. Let us help you express your brand in everything you do and every place you do it.  At Apogee we can help with branded elements for your facilities:


  • 3-D logos
  • Wall Murals
  • Light Boxes
  • Custom reception areas
  • Product Displays
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Furnishings and Space design

Branded Interiors and Environments

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Visual Options

When it comes to branding your facility many factors have to be considered.  How you want your visitors to feel when they enter your space should be your primary goal.

We design your spaces to help you effectively make your visitors, employees, and vendors feel welcome and understand your brand’s mission.

3-D Logos

Your logo and branding should be the first thing a visitor sees when they enter your building.  3-d logos and letters combined with accent lighting effectively portray your logo.

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Wall Lettering and Branded Graphics

Transform your walls into story boards that communicate your brand promise.

Effective Product Displays

If your company is proud of what they make you may want to add a creative product display to highlight them.

Interactive Technology

Interactive kiosks, video walls, and digital signage give your visitors an experience, not just a meeting.  Wayfinding kiosks, informational monitors, and large touch screen video walls can really increase interaction with your brand.

Case Study

Carlisle Construction

See how Apogee facilitated a large 5-panel Interactive wall in Carlisle's training Center in Carlisle, PA

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Next-level elements

Special touches and premium features can provide the added draw your environment needs to convert a visitor from prospect to customer. The design experts at Apogee have at their disposal a complete line of enhancements to engage your customers and employees, and elevate their experience.


Backlighting adds a dramatic effect in any area of your building.  Geometrical shapes with bright bold graphics can help communicate your mission.  Lightboxes also provide an efficient means of changing your message based on season, new promotional messages, and even employee recognition.

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Digital Displays

Adding digital displays and interactive elements to your space offers advanced engagement, and a way to keep visitors in your event space for a longer stretch. Here are a few dynamic options to consider:

  • LED video wall: a big-scale video presentation utilizing light and motion effectively attracts eyes and communicates your company message.
  • Interactive wall: build upon the dynamic draw of a video wall with a touchscreen display that invites visitors to engage with your brand.
  • Interactive kiosk: these components enable you to harness a booth visitor’s curiosity to share your brand’s messaging, leaving them wanting to know more.

Find out more about digital display possibilities here:

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Visitor Hospitality Elements

Coffee bars, soft comfortable seating, and informative graphics can help a waiting visitor learn more about you.


Budgeting for Branded Environments

Our free guide, “Budgeting for your Branded Environment” highlights the factors that can help you budget for your next project.

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Express Your Brand From the Moment They Walk in the Door

Look around…does your office space reflect both your company’s brand’s personality and advance your key business goals in an engaging, unique, and impactful way?

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Custom branded environments are perfect for companies looking for a one-of-a-kind interior solution within their offices or other public spaces. In this guide we’ll discuss topics and tips that can help create a high-impact branded interior tailored to meet your marketing needs.


  • Determine what story your branded environment should tell
  • Classic and on-trend design elements
  • Your branded environment budget
  • Branded environment design & installation process
  • Three core steps in the branded environment design and creation process
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