Corporate interior design, or Branded Environments communicate your brand promise to your customers, visitors, and staff alike.  These branded areas allow your organization to re-enforce your brand promise and communicate important aspects of your business.

Capturing Your Brand Essence

We work closely with you to capture your brand essence and it’s promise or value proposition.  Our design team loves to learn about our clients brands, their history and evolution so we can help display that in your exhibits as well as your facilities

Why Brand Your Office Space?

Integrating your brand throughout your facilities allows you to effectively communicate your goals, and your benefits consistently.  Seeing these attributes on a regular basis leads to a deeper connection for your employees and your brand.  Studies show that branding these spaces fosters a sense of ownership and encourages productivity.Your spaces can also “tell your story” and allow visitors to learn more about you as they move through your buildings.  

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Branded Environments Visual Options

When it comes to branding your facility many factors have to be considered.  How you want your visitors to feel when they enter your space should be your primary goal.

Custom 3-D Logos

Your logo can be produced with a 3-d effect as well as backlighting or halo lighting to make it stand out.

Wall Murals

The walls in your building are blank canvases for drawing attention to your brand promise, reinforcing your identity, and simply communicating to your employees, visiting clients, and potential clients.

Designing a wall mural

Wall mural design is similar to exhibit trade show design.  Think billboard not bulletin board!  We’ll work with you to develop an effective wall mural.

Light Boxes

Attract, Capture and Retain Attention

Lightboxes can be used to enhance the look of an area or blank wall.  With eye-catching backlit graphics you can create and illustrate brand attributes, product photography, or seasonal themes for your building.

Product Displays

Product displays come in many shapes and sizes.  If you need to display or highlight products, product cross-sections, or technology, we can design a display case to fit that need.

Highlight product with effective product displays

Effective displays usually include bright lighting that accents the products, but also area signage or labeling that tells the story as well.

Signage and Wayfinding

Coming soon…

Furnishings and Space Design

We can help you design unique space designs.  Collaboration spaces, Executive briefing centers, Tech centers all need their own style and furnishings to function properly.

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If your team needs guidance or inspiration while they’re planning your interior branding, we can help

Branded Environments Examples

Check out some of the recent corporate interior branding projects we’ve done