Have you noticed the price of gas?…..

This article covers some suggestions we've developed to help offset increased operating costs of participating in live events. From supply chain challenges, to inflationary costs, and now the dramatic rise in fuel prices, participation in live business events may cost you a bit more, but there are ways to mitigate some of the cost increases.

Interior Design and Brand. Why it’s important for your organization

How do you want your customers (and your team) to feel when they go through the entrance to your company? One of the important things about your brand is that it is supposed to deliver an emotional conveyance of your promise. When you look at iconic brands how do they make you feel? Disney? Does that brand and logo emote a child-like sense of wonder? Of course it does, and that's by design. Nike connects through inspiration and leadership. Your brand and your spaces can help communicate your brand promise as well.

Live Business events have returned. Here’s what we’re seeing…

For nearly 15 months the live events industry was largely shut down due to the effects of the pandemic. Recently, events have begun happening again and we're all excited to be going back to the show floor. In this blog we'll cover what we're seeing, and try to provide our customers/partners a glimpse into what to expect as they return to trade shows and meetings.

Planning for the return of Live Business Events

Events, Conferences, and Trade shows have been on shaky ground for a year now. Who are we kidding, they've been completely shut down! In this post, we'll talk about what to expect when shows resume.

Marketing Strategy in a year with fewer Trade Shows

No trade shows in early 2021? Now what? In this blog we'll discuss pivoting to or enhancing your Digital Marketing Strategy to help generate leads and stay in touch with clients until shows return

Trade shows are not dead, and neither are we.

State of the Industry update from Apogee Exhibits and Environments As I write this newsletter update, we are now nearly 6 months to the day, from the last major event we coordinated for our clients (ConAgg/ConExpo). The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the live events industry, including the medium where most of us live, Trade Shows.

Virtual Tradeshows and Events

With the recent cancellation of all in-person networking events and tradeshows, many companies are looking for a valid alternative. While we strongly feel that few things can replace face-to-face interaction, having a virtual tradeshow is a close second. There are many benefits to hosting a virtual event. With a virtual booth, you can record and track information and analytics like never before. You will be able to have longer exposure and increase your pre and post event marketing efforts, using the virtual exhibit as a supplement to in-person events, which could lead to more sales.
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