How to Capture Prospects at a Trade Show

In the world of traditional sales, dogged determination can often get you one of two results: you land a lead, or get you blacklisted. While we’re not all Alec Baldwin’s character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, fortunately, there’s more to collecting leads than a tenacious attitude.

Customer-Centric Booth Design

On the day of the trade show, one of the most overlooked aspects of lead-capturing is how your booth is designed and laid out. Prospects are constantly walking up to your booth, and if your design is not customer-centric, many will keep walking. Part of the missed opportunity is due to your sales staff being busy with other prospects and not being able to greet every customer who walks through. But if your booth is designed to attract visitors and it allows them to engage themselves with your products, then you’ll be maximizing your booth’s potential—as well as your investment.

Consider that more than 80% of trade show attendees possess buying authority. These design tips will help you stop those valuable leads from passing you by.

Open Concept – Arrange your show booth so that it invites attendees to walk inside and around your booth. Design with space and entice them with creative product displays that encourage interaction.

Strategic Lighting – A smartly-lit booth can accentuate design features and create a warm environment. A well-lit display is essential, allowing visitors to easily view the important details of your products and graphics. Use lighting to brighten key areas of your exhibit, such as product displays and promotional materials.

Touch Screen Displays –  People love the opportunity to guide their own experience, so think of unique ways you can include touchscreen displays to accomplish that goal. Catalogs, virtual tours, company videos, and portfolios are all great ways visitors can interact with your products on their own time.

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