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The Virtual Complement to Exhibiting

As many Marketing Professionals and Event Organizers will attest, the worth of Virtual Events will never replace that of Live Events.  Shows that moved to all virtual formats during the pandemic saw huge drop-offs in participating companies and attendees.  Companies that did participate almost uniformly expressed dissatisfaction with the events, and the Marketing Professionals tasked […]

How to Capture Prospects at a Trade Show

In the world of traditional sales, dogged determination can often get you one of two results: you land a lead, or get you blacklisted. While we’re not all Alec Baldwin’s character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, fortunately, there’s more to collecting leads than a tenacious attitude. Customer-Centric Booth Design On the day of the […]

20 Social Media Tips For Trade Show Exhibitors

Even in the face-to-face world of trade shows, social media is one of the most popular ways to engage attendees. It’s a great tool to qualify interested leads, engage with real customers, and keep the lines of communication open before, during and after a trade show. Before You Begin Social media is best used as […]

Best Trade Show Apps for Exhibitors

Staying organized while exhibiting at a trade show can be difficult. Luckily the digital age has ushered in technology that can help exhibitors stay on top of everything, from travel arrangements to staff scheduling. In addition to popular business travel apps—such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, Uber & Lyft—here are Apogee’s best apps for trade show exhibitors. […]

8 Post-Trade Show Questions to Ask Yourself

After the dust has settled and you’re back home after another busy trade show, performing a post-trade show analysis will help you determine your successes and areas for improvement. Within the first day or two after a show, gather your team for an in-depth analysis. Here are 8 questions you can use to springboard an […]

Secrets to a Successful Trade Show Email Campaign

Email marketing is the preferred outreach platform for event marketers. Email allows brands to personalize their message to connect with a wide audience for a relatively low cost, while providing a wealth of engagement metrics to track success. Leveraging the power of event email marketing is the perfect way to nurture your clients and prospects […]

Eight reasons why it is important to develop a strong global brand strategy.

Branding is so much more than just a logo

  To fully understand your brand, you want to think about the entire experience one has with your brand and facilities. This includes everything from your logo, Mission Statement, and Website to your culture, workplace physical environment and consistency of message across all media. But that’s not all, everything connected to your brand should speak […]

Maximize your event marketing results by doing these simple things…

  It is proven that face to face marketing events such as trade shows, private VIP events, and conferences are important and beneficial to an organizations growth, brand awareness and ROI.   It’s more than just a cool booth (which we love designing don’t get us wrong).  The work required to have a successful event […]