“Illuminating” Lighting Ideas

Companies frequently spend a great deal of time, creative brainpower and financial resources to plan and execute a show stopping trade show display. Then, unfortunately, they leave out one very important element: lighting. All that effort expended on a booth designed to wow visitors, when lackluster lighting means they can’t even really see it.

Without the right lighting to illuminate your booth, your chances of attracting customers will be dim. Keep in mind, though, that to succeed, booth lighting has to do more than simply enable the visitors to view what you’re showcasing in your exhibit. The lighting fixtures should create a mood that fits your brand goals—it can leave attendees feeling energized, soothed, warm and welcome, or a combination. Also, lighting can serve to draw attention to the products and features you want to emphasize.

For the best and brightest results, make sure you don’t treat lighting as an afterthought. Instead, keep it in mind during the planning and design process. Here are some ideas to keep in mind along the way:

Spotlight sustainability

In another recent post, we discussed how incorporating eco-minded elements throughout your booth can connect with sustainability-minded customers. Lighting is one area with a great deal of sustainability potential. Incorporating lamps, fixtures and other lighting components that conserve less energy than conventional lighting products demonstrates your company’s focus on sustainability. Consider including in-booth messaging informing visitors that your display makes use of planet-friendly lighting products, so they are aware that you’re backing eco concerns with action.

Add a touch of color

The phrase “colored lighting” might bring to mind a circus, disco or some other high-energy environment where the colors are anything but subtle. That isn’t necessarily the case with colored lighting in a trade show environment. A hint of color in your lighting can be barely detectable to the human high but still have a notable impact on the people streaming through your booth. A bit of an orange tinge, for example, can contribute to a warm, inviting feeling, which can make attendees feel more welcome in your space. Lighting that includes a touch of blue can contribute to an increased energy level, or amplify the feeling that your products and services are high tech and advanced.

Incorporate modern fixtures

While the bulbs and lamps light up your display, the fixtures also play a part in the overall look and feel of your company’s booth. When planning your setup, consider the appearance of the lighting fixtures. If you’re bringing a booth display that your company has used before, consider updating the fixtures. It sounds like a minor change but updating the look of the fixture and brightening up the aesthetics can increase the positive impression that booth visitors come away with.

There are numerous ways to keep your trade show booth on trend.
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