Spring into these 5 Fresh Trade Show Booth Ideas

Spring is here, so what better time to freshen up your trade show strategy? While trade shows present an excellent opportunity to attract quality leads and meet with key prospects, it can be a challenge to set your brand apart from the crowd. Here are some of our favorite creative trade show booth ideas and strategies for you to consider for your next event.

1. Keeps Products Under Wraps

At trade shows, it can be crucial to keep proprietary products safe from sly competitors looking for the next big thing. In many industries, exhibitors are hesitant to show off their products for the world to see. You can solve this problem with a unique closed-concept exhibit that conceals products from the general public, creates an intimate showroom experience, and generates buzz!

A closed-concept is a great idea for a company that wants to participate in trade shows and events, but needs to protect products from prying eyes. Consider ways to draw attendees in by promoting the exclusivity of the exhibit and creating an eye-catching exterior.

2. Attract Your Audience with a Themed Exhibit

Themed exhibits are a clever way to surprise and delight attendees. However, selecting a theme takes careful time, consideration and alignment with your target customers’ interests. Consider how you can craft messaging that supports a theme, especially if it doesn’t directly match your company’s image.

Apogee created a themed exhibit for Iredale Cosmetics, a leading brand in the Skincare Makeup industry. We transformed their booth into a space were they could do make-overs, have meetings and display their beautiful products as if there were in a retail setting using complementary colors and superimposed shots of Iredale’s vast array of products.

3. Utilize Unique Sculptural Structures

Custom exhibits offer a lot of versatility, especially when it comes to designing thoughtful structural elements to support the booth. Sculptural structures are the perfect way to add a unique design element, think creating larger than life versions of your products, logo or other supportive branding.

4. Bring Your Showroom to a Trade Show

Companies are shifting focus towards experience-based exhibits that highlight more than just product and service offerings. Exceptional exhibits go beyond traditional product displays to connect customers with a solution-based approach.

5. Thrilling In-Booth Games & Giveaways

Nothing builds buzz quite like an adrenaline boosting game or a coveted giveaway. But sometimes it can be a challenge to integrate games and giveaways into booths that are focused on achieving sales and lead generation goals.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality are emerging technologies with novelty on their side, capturing the attention of attendees and creating an immersive experience that keeps booth visitors excited and involved.

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