Some of the best fresh designs to engage the crowd with a custom, interactive trade show booth.

Captivate the Crowd with Interactive Trade Show Design

To the average trade show attendee, the maze of trade show booths can seem a little dry at times. With many companies boasting similar products and services, attracting a crowd of interested visitors can be a challenge. But that’s where experiential marketing comes in.

Face-to-face marketing events offer the unique opportunity to create an interactive trade show display focused on boosting engagement and providing a memorable brand experience. In this post, we’ll share fresh ways to design an interactive trade show booth complete with buzz-worthy activities, games and display technology to get you inspired!

Design Your Booth for Interaction

Whether you’re a trade show pro or a rookie, you want your exhibit to stand out from the rest. However, creating an attention-grabbing trade show experience begins long before the show doors open, and it starts with effective exhibit design. Here are some things to consider before you dive in.

Create Space

Designing a welcoming and functional space is the essential first step to creating an interactive trade show display. Take into consideration how attendees will move through your space, browse products, learn about your services and engage with staff.

If your booth is in a high traffic area then an open concept floor plan allows attendees to enter the exhibit from many directions. A welcoming reception counter at the front of your exhibit is a straightforward first engagement point. From there, visitors can learn more about your brand and explore the interactive displays within the exhibit.

Depending on the size of your booth space and the type of activities on the schedule, you can designate areas for a specific purpose. For demonstrations, it’s important to have ample seating or standing areas that do not obstruct the aisle or other booth elements. Additionally, dramatic lighting adds a sophisticated touch to the exhibit and can be used to highlight interactive booth elements.

Build Buzz For Your Brand

Your company is more than just the products or service you offer. It’s about your brand, and ultimately the story and experience that you want to share with the customer. On top of utilizing exhibit elements to introduce and engage visitors with your brand, you can use interactive media like monitors, iPads and kiosks to display videos of your story, employees and overall mission.

Your marketing collateral and giveaways should also reflect your values and organizational ethos. Don’t lose sight of your overall goal when creating an interactive trade show display. Keep the message straightforward and make sure it doesn’t get lost in translation.

Create Engaging Product Demos

Attendees walk the floor in search of an exhibit that captures their attention and engages their senses. While they can be lured in by stunning visuals and strategically placed products, if they can’t interact with your displays, then your exhibit loses its impact.

Create a product demonstration that allows your visitors and prospects to try out your product in person on the trade show floor.

If new software is your product or service: set up a computer for attendees to use and interact with.

If you have new material, make sure your visitors can feel it and compare it to older materials

If you have food samples, make sure attendees can smell your food from the other side of the floor, and can taste your delicious new recipes.

By offering your prospects the opportunity to try or experience your product on the trade show floor, you are tapping into the power of experience-based marketing, which is a promising avenue for modern marketers.

Interactive Media Displays

Technology has arrived on the trade show scene in full force, with most exhibitors utilizing integrations that allow trade show booth visitors to experience your brand firsthand.

Technology encourages visitors to stay longer and learn more about a company’s offerings.

Creative digital integrations can support staff in their efforts to provide valuable solutions for customers and prospects. Digital media also enables you to create a personalized experience for attendees that suits their individual needs.

Depending on the size of your booth, interactive media can:

  • Scale to fill an entire wall
  • Maximize visual interest
  • Promote messaging on a large scale

Here are some examples of interactive media you can use at your trade show booth:

1. Virtual & Augmented Reality
This emerging technology has novelty on its side, capturing the attention of attendees and creating an immersive experience that keeps booth visitors excited and involved.

In addition to building hype, virtual and augmented technology offers incredible functional value to exhibitors looking to showcase entire product lines, complete service offerings or an expansive portfolio, all within a limited booth space.

2. Touch Screen Displays
People love having the opportunity to guide their own experience, so think of unique ways you can include touchscreen displays to accomplish that goal. Catalogs, virtual tours, company videos, and portfolios are all great ways to connect with visitors using displays. Additionally, it can be a simple way to include a game, giveaway or contest within your exhibit and encourages people to connect with your brand after the show is over.

Consider adding a touchscreen kiosk on the corners of your exhibit, drawing people in from the aisle and doubling as traffic management for a busy sales team. This design feature can help boost the interactivity of your booth, without creating extra work for staff members.

3. Games & Contests
Activate attendees’ competitive side by coordinating a game that everyone wants to win. It should be simple, fun and not require too much effort from booth staff to manage. Prizes are a great way to encourage participation and can range from cash to coveted ticket items. Consider tying contest participation to lead capture in order to continue engagement.

4. Photo Booths
Nothing creates buzz quite like a photo booth, the exciting opportunity to capture a memory with friends and colleagues. Create a branded space that is similar to an awards show, offer props that promote your company or print your logo on the image for a lasting memento. Encourage attendees to share the photos to their social media to extend the reach of your own social campaigns.

5. Social Media
Which leads us to social media – one of the simplest yet trickiest ways to drive traffic to your exhibit. During the show, make sure you have an active presence on social media. Your followers will want to keep up with the trade show happenings, even if they can’t make it in person. Be sure to engage with attendees via social media, inviting them to visit for an engaging experience.

6. Live Entertainment & Performances
Attendees like to be entertained and are more likely to remember a brand if they were engaged by the presentation. Consider hiring a professional entertainer to really attract attention to your exhibit. If the entertainment runs on a schedule, keep people in the loop by posting on social media. Find a performance that supports your brand when possible.

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