Trends in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry trade shows in 2019.

Trade Show Trends to Watch

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This is gearing up to be a successful year for marketers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Innovations in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will make it easier for marketers to engage their audience at trade shows. Focusing on unique designs and comfortable, private spaces will help trade show attendees have more insightful discussions with customers. And all of this is great news for marketers, since consumer demand for biotech and pharma products is on the rise.

Access to insurance coverage has increased, and the U.S population is aging faster than any other period in history. More consumers needing biotechnology and pharmaceutical products and services creates an opportunity for companies to better market themselves to this willing target audience.

Our free Ebook, “Trade Show Trends to Watch” highlights the top trends taking place at trade shows in the coming year. With leaps in technological developments and a tighter focus on visitor engagement, trade shows this year will be flush with trendy new ways for companies to make their mark.

Top Trends You’ll Learn About

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Visitor Engagement
  • A Focus on Comfort
  • Themed Trade Show Booths

Trade shows are a great way to raise your brand profile and connect with potential customers. Prepare for a successful year ahead by downloading the free Ebook today!

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