Trade Show Trends 2019

Top Trade Show Trends

This year is already becoming a big year for trade shows. While attendees rush in to trade shows by the thousands, exhibitors of all sizes now have the chance to market their businesses like never before. Gone are the days when trade shows only played into the hands of big-budget companies; a small- or medium-sized company with a strong online presence can now garner as much of a following as a large corporation. As this year shapes up as a competitive year at trade shows, several trends are standing out that can help your business stay above the competition.

Innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality are making it easier for marketers to engage their audience at trade shows. Focusing on unique designs and comfortable, private spaces will help trade show attendees have more insightful discussions with customers. And all of this is great news for brand owners.

Our free guide, “Trade Show Trends,” highlights the top trends taking place at trade shows this year. With leaps in technological developments and a tighter focus on visitor engagement, trade shows this year will be flush with trendy new ways for your company to make its mark.

Top Trends You’ll Learn About

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Touch Screens
  • Visitor Engagement
  • Themed Trade Show Booths

Prepare for a successful year of trade show marketing by reading our list of Top Trade Show Trends.

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