Nick Crumb

Nick Crumb

Senior Marketing Consultant

I have been called a “fixer” by several of my clients.  Often when executing plans with so many different vendors and people involved, you will be faced with a road-block or, as I like to say, some sort of other “unexpected challenge”.  Rather than dwell on the difficulties these create I focus on finding an alternative solution that best achieves the original goal.  When you concentrate on the positive – and do not get bogged down by the negative – then you almost always can find a reasonable solution!

What do clients say about you?
Clients say I am a good listener and adapt well to their particular needs.  I am more of an extension of their marketing team, rather than just a vendor.  By being a good listener, with an outside perspective, I can then offer creative insight and ideas that clients themselves might not have considered before. I’ve also been told I create a “stress-free” event experience for them which is great to hear.

What are you passionate about professionally?
This is cliché but I’m a “people person”.  I love learning about other companies, their goals, and their challenges.  What motivates me is the want to help these people and to make their life easier by making their company more visible and more successful.

What are you passionate about personally?
I am the favorite uncle to my 10 nieces and nephews that range from college age to early grade school.  Whether this involves traveling to CT for a dance recital or just heading to RIT and packing up belongings when the school year is over, I try to stay as involved in their lives as is possible.

What is something surprising about you, that others may not know?
My blood type is O-negative – the universal donor. I’m a habitual donor to the American Red Cross.  Your donation can make a difference in so many lives!