Mark F. Taylor

It’s my job to lead our talented team to be the best we can be for our clients. My philosophy is to run an “open book” company so our team members know where we stand at all times. I also believe in, and try to provide, the most flexible work place and atmosphere possible. Our business is stressful enough so having work place flexibility and fun is important.

What are you known for professionally?
I was hired here in 1994 by our founder, Frank Leggio, and purchased the business in 2011.  Since I was originally hired I’ve held positions in nearly every area of the company.  I started our Services department in 1994 with 4-5 clients, and now we have grown to nearly 70 clients!

What are you passionate about professionally?
I am passionate about overcoming challenges presented by our industry.  I’m also very passionate and proud to look at some of the work we’ve done and say, “Hey, we built that!” Seeing the real product – come from a sketch or rendering – on the show floor really pumps me up.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?
I love to putter around my “man cave” and play with my cars and “toys”.  I also love to work around my property and get some golf in at my local country club.  I love the outdoors and want to spend every waking minute doing something in nature.  Hiking, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing are all hobbies I love that bring me outdoors.

What is something surprising about you, that others may not know?
I can do almost anything physically either right or left-handed, including writing, throwing, golfing, shooting, and even bowling!

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