Jennifer Martineau


I head up our HR and administration and Finance department.  We interact with our clients on a daily basis handling billing, and processing their orders.  I love to work as part of a team and cover other roles within my department as necessary.  One of the things I value with our company is that we strive to help our community. We have had several opportunities to volunteer. We have worked with Food Link & Habitat for Humanity. Each opportunity makes you feel like you have made a difference and is always very rewarding!


What are you known for professionally?

I have the ability to organize, prioritize multiple tasks, and meet deadlines efficiently.


What are you passionate about?

My job allows me the opportunity to multitask and adhere to the confidential nature of sensitive material. Working through business problems, whether it is cash flow, sales tax, insurance or payroll, there is always something to solve.  This keeps the job interesting and diverse.  I am definitely able to use my problem solving techniques that achieve desired results.


Where can you be found when you’re not working?

One of the things I love to do is bake. When I am not working or shuttling my children around you would find me in the kitchen. I would love to have my own bakery someday.


Where can you be found when you’re not working?

I love to be creative.  Whether it comes in the form of making cards, creating a new project, taking photos, it’s all exciting. I love surfing through pinterest to find my next project!

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