Case Study- Accede

Project Overview

Accede Mold & Tool specializes in complex and precision state-of-the-art mold making for the plastic injection molding industry. Accede attends 2-3 trade shows each year as a critical piece of their promotion and relationship building efforts.

Our Involvement

Accede approached Apogee only weeks before their largest and most important show — NPE 2018, which only happens every three years. With a short turn-around time, Apogee was able to partner with Accede to understand their needs, messaging, and deliver a brand new exhibit that has stood the test of time throughout their subsequent show needs. The next significant exhibit update is being executed for NPE 2021.


Understanding that Accede needed a singular solution for multiple types of shows and booth sizes, Apogee designed their exhibit using high-quality, durable modular technology. Accede is able to use different configurations, making their trade show presence nimble and cost-efficient. Apogee’s creative ensures the exhibit has a high-end look that’s critical in this vertical and that represents the quality of work Accede delivers to its own customers.

Apogee’s continuum of exhibit solutions - from design to fabrication to shipping to convention organizer coordination -- enables Accede’s small team to focus on other aspects of their customer service and promotional plans.

Client Info

Client Quote

“Everything that Apogee brings to us is creatively beautiful and fulfills the brand image Accede wants to convey at these critical trade shows. They are an absolute joy to work with, have wonderful project management skills, and keep our team on track to reach milestones along the way. We have received numerous compliments on the booth from customers, prospects and even our competitors.”