Trade show marketing takes a toll on your marketing assets. Your products are shipped from show to show, your display towers, roll-up banners, furniture, signs, and other essentials make the rounds on the back of a truck or shipping container. Eventually, your booth becomes worn down. In this post, learn how to revive and revitalize your trade show booth with a few simple changes.

3 Clues I Need a New Booth

Clue #1 – Attendees Walk Past Your Exhibit

If show attendees pass your booth without stopping or walking in, it means you need to redesign your trade show display. With only a few seconds to capture your prospect’s attention, it’s important that your booth has the ‘wow’ factor that stop people in their tracks.

Clue #2 – Your Booth is Too Small

No one wants to bump other people while looking at products. A small trade show booth will often deter customers from walking into your booth. If upgrading your space isn’t financially possible, Apogee can help with your traffic flow. Use our new Timeline Generator Tool to learn more.

Clue #3 – Your Booth Isn’t Set Up For Technology

Technology helps your trade show exhibit attract and retain customers. But if your booth lacks the same technology as your competitors, you can lose out. Whether it’s TV mounted displays, laptop stands, or innovative touch screen displays and kiosks, technology is an effective and modern way to promote interaction and help generate leads.

Revive and Revitalize your Trade Show Booth

Now that you have determined that your booth needs to be updated, here are some ideas on how to bring your trade show exhibit back to life.

New Graphics – Graphics get stale after a few years. Colors fade and messaging changes. If you’ve had the same graphics for the past few years, it’s time to update your graphics. Trade shows are an excellent place to test out new marketing messages or new design elements. Simply ask your attendees what they think of the messaging. At trade shows, you’ll always get an honest response.

New Furniture – Foldable chairs and plastic tables are outdated. If you plan on hosting meetings with important guests at your exhibit, consider adding furniture to your trade show booth. Once you add furniture that aligns with your company’s aesthetic, your booth will have a sense of balance and comfort, enticing those who want to talk to you.

Already have furniture? Update with new furniture, then post on social media and send out an email campaign so attendees seek out your trade show exhibit when their feet start to ache.

Upgrade Your Flooring – Today’s flooring provide exhibitors with more style and options than they did in the past. Exhibitors can choose from a variety of options, like artificial turf, raised wood, carpet, or even an eco-friendly option to give your booth a cohesive look and feel that can replicate your office.

Live Interviews – Attendees like to be entertained and are more likely to remember a brand if they were engaged by an interview or presentation. Live interviews can a simple and cost-effective update that attracts attention. Create a nice backdrop in the corner of your booth and record interviews on a mobile device.

Captivate the Crowd With Interactive Trade Show Design

Add a Hanging Sign – Most attendees look up when they walk onto the trade show floor. If you have an island booth or a peninsula exhibit, consider incorporating a hanging sign to your existing trade show display.

Go Vertical – If you don’t want a hanging sign, a great alternative is to make your display taller. Taller exhibits are always the first to be noticed among a sea of smaller displays, so consider adding a maximum height tower to your display.

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