No matter how you carve it up, trade shows cost money. Of course, there are plenty of benefits to attending trade shows, and they are often your best way to engage with serious leads. But savvy business owners are often looking for ways to spend less without disrupting revenue or volume of sales.

Enjoy this list of our favorite refreshers and life hacks for saving money at your next trade show.

Add or Replace Lighting

One way to make an exhibit shine is to add a little illumination. Update your fixtures to LED and exchange tired or traditional fixtures for colorful contemporary versions. Or, incorporate lighting where no previous fixtures exist. Adding or replacing lighting in your booth doesn’t set you far back in your budget, and can bring focus and a fresh design perspective to a part of your booth that’s been overlooked in the past.

Re-laminate and Resurface

If your exhibit surfaces like reception counters, kiosks, and even walls, become chipped, faded, or dated, you can give them a refresher by re-laminating or resurfacing them. Removing old laminate and adding a new material shouldn’t cost you more than $8 per square foot, while covering existing laminate will cost roughly $6 per square foot.

Anodize and Powder Coat

When aluminum elements are chipped and dented, or their colors become outdated, refinish them with powder coating. The process usually involves dismantling the property and sometimes stripping the existing coating to apply a new one. Retail costs average $5 to $10 per linear foot of extrusion.

Update Carpet

New, modern carpet can breathe life into any exhibit. But rather than just trading existing carpet for a new version, select unique colors and styles to help set your booth apart from the masses. For example, what if you switched from traditional carpet to a more updated wood-laminate look? Twenty-five interlocking 2-by-2-foot tiles with a wood-floor pattern cost a mere $180.

Changing your booth’s flooring not only adds an updated look, but can drastically increase the comfort level at your booth which is an important element since your prospective clients, and your booth staff, will be spending most of their time on their feet.

Replace Furniture

Switch out staid furnishings with those that match your theme or that simply offer a contemporary vibe. Also consider purchasing less-common elements from Ikea or Walmart, where leather sofas and chairs can run as little as $399 and $149, respectively.

Pro Tip: Instead of simply replacing furniture throughout your trade show booth, try adding elements to create a lounge where you can discuss your company with serious leads, away from the noise of the trade show floor.

Phone Charging Station

There is no battery that can last an entire trade show without requiring a charge. And equipping your trade show booth with a charging station for phones, tablets and laptops will generate buzz alone.

Purchase a 6-Port USB hub and equip it with Android and iPhone cables, and watch the leads roll in. Even if they aren’t visiting your booth for you, at least you’ll get an opportunity to talk to them while they charge their devices.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Install a Wi-Fi hotspot at your booth and give free access to attendees. But that’s not all. Write the password on your business card so they’ll have to keep your card, or at least read it and (hopefully) remember your details. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your products or services while they’re using the internet. Do keep in mind the maximum number of connections that your router can support, otherwise new users won’t be able to latch on.

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