Welcome to the dedicated landing page for your NPE Booth!

Two concepts are included here.  As you scroll through you’ll find links to download slide decks, view videos and review the proposal for both designs. Additionally we’ve made some observations and suggestions for additional support for this important event below.


Hall Plan/Neighbors

Marketing Strategy Support Options

Apogee can support your pre-show and at-show marketing strategy as well:

Geofenced mobile advertising

Push mobile content promoting your presence at NPE with Geofenced marketing

Marketing strategy support/design (pre-show mailer, At-show promotions, etc)

“Find Big Joe” in the RTP Booth (see suggested strategy contained in your proposal)

Collateral Design

Pre-show mailer, onsite collateral, post-show follow up mailer

Logo design, Graphic Design, collateral support

Promotional Items/Give-away campaign management

Your Team:

Account Executive: John Sherwood: Jsherwood@apogeeexhibits.com

Design Team: Brenda Vreeland and Lynda Bloechl

Design Engineer: Trevor Cranmer

Project Manager: Christine Adamescu

Thank you for this opportunity to work together!