With nearly every organization dealing with the Covid-19 disaster, many companies are looking forward to their Fall trade shows. Due to the virus, nearly every event worldwide has been cancelled or postponed to a later date in the year. We feel that most of these events will be re-scheduled to fall.

When we think of fall, we often think of color. And that’s great news for trade show exhibitors starting to plan for fall trade shows. There’s plenty of fall-focused updates you can make to your booth and still plenty of time to plan for your upcoming shows.

Plan for Your Fall Shows

Fall trade shows are a great time to introduce and tease new products for the following year, whether you’re exhibiting at consumer- or client-facing shows. One of the first steps is to outline a clear idea of what you want to achieve, and set goals that can be tracked and measured.

Fall Trade Show Goals:

  • Tease & unveil exclusive products
  • Introduce new messaging and gain brand exposure
  • Build relationships ahead of the busy holiday season
  • Generate qualified leads that can be nurtured by end of year


Shipping is often done one month prior to the trade show exhibit, but planning in advance will save you both time and money. Make sure to do your research.

Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Carrier:

  • How long has your company specialized in trade show freight?
  • What services do you provide exhibitors?
  • How can I track my freight once it leaves the warehouse?
  • How does you company pack and secure freight?
  • Do your vehicles use air-suspension to avoid bumps and minimize shipping damage?
  • Can you have a comprehensive shipping quote that covers all your expenses, and can I have it in writing?

Tips for Shipping:

  • Contact event organizers about preferred carriers/vendors for shipping and freight. This will lessen the stress of shipping your exhibit as you can rest easy knowing your carrier is familiar with the show.
  • To make shipping as painless as possible, schedule shipping to the show as well as return shipping.
  • Drayage is the cost of venue professionals transporting your exhibit from the warehouse to your booth space. Rates are typically based on weight. Incorporating lightweight materials—such as fabric graphics—can help save on the cost of drayage.

Custom Timeline Generator

Use our Timeline Generator tool to help you plan, step-by-step, for your next big show. Provide us with some details and we’ll immediately send you your own custom trade show timeline.

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Fall Booth Updates

Preparing for your fall shows begin in spring and early summer. Reflect on the results of your past campaigns and realize whether you were able to achieve what you set out to accomplish. Then, update your booth to reflect the upcoming fall and holiday season.

Color – Your exhibit should be a representation of your business and reflect your day-to-day operations. So it’s a no-brainer that your fall exhibit should celebrate the use of color! Insert fall colors like red, violet, green, burgundy, yellow and orange into your displays, fixtures, backdrops, accessories or signs. Your exhibit will have a greater impact on key prospects.

Holiday Season – For many businesses, fall means holiday season is right around the corner. At trade shows, buyers and consumers are looking for holiday-focused products and services they can test and learn about before deciding to purchase for the holidays. Use design, copywriting and marketing materials that speak to the upcoming holiday season. And when you’ve captured the attention of key prospects, take their orders or nurture them into a lead-generating campaign.

Eco-Friendly – Nature simply can’t be ignored during fall. Use this time to promote your eco-friendly stance, whether you hand out reusable bags or create products with eco-friendly materials. Staying topical during your fall trade show will help spark conversations between attendees and your floor staff, which can smoothly transition into a discussion about your business.

Promotions – Fall is also a time where buyers and consumers are looking for pre-holiday promotions. Even if promos or discounts aren’t something your business offers, fall trade shows are a good time to display special offers to set yourself apart from your competitors. Create clear messaging that communicates a “pre-holiday flash discount” or a “fall-show only promotion.” If anything, you’ll entice customers into your exhibit and drive more traffic.

One of the keys to trade show success is staying agile and offering something new at each show. Updating your booth with fall-focused ideas can keep your brand top-of-mind for trade show attendees.

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