As a brand owner, you understand that your presence at trade shows is an important part of your overall marketing and networking strategy. You also know that keeping your trade show booth looking fresh and up-to-date not only increases your chances of wowing new customers at the trade shows you attend during the year, but it also maximizes your investment and saves money in the future. Purchasing a trade show booth is a healthy investment, but only if you know how to keep your booth fresh, clean and well-maintained.

Get the most out of your trade show booth with our list of top booth updates and refreshers.

What you can do to maintain a fresh booth

  1. Give your booth a thorough clean after each and every use. You’d be surprised what you’ll find wedged in a corner, hiding under a table, or laying behind a sofa. After several days, and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people strolling in and out of your booth, there’s always things to find during the clean up. Catch them early before they fester.
  2. Check your booth for damage. Even a booth that’s taken care of will get damaged through normal wear and tear. If damage isn’t caught quick enough, it can erode and decay, and end up costing you more money down the road.
  3. Store your displays safely and properly. Your displays are just as important as your booth. Clean them after each show and fix them as necessary. When you store your displays, use a sheet or a cover to keep the dust away, and if appropriate, polish or use an all-purpose cleaner on them if you don’t plan on using them for a while to ensure they stay fresh.

Update Graphics and Displays

Most trade show attendees are being introduced to your brand for the first time. But there are attendees, as well as competitors, that will have seen you at another show. This means they’ll have seen your trade show booth too.

Keep your trade show display looking modern and new by adding upgrades. These don’t need to be big-budget items; there are many cost-effective updates and upgrades you can make.

Graphics can be updated to showcase a new product, service, giveaway or promotion.

Lighting can be upgraded, without needing a redesign, to highlight a corner or area of your booth.

Shelving can be added to prop up and display certain items.

Props can be utilized to create an affordable interactive experience for customers.

Focus on Comfort

You’ve probably noticed the rise in high-tech applications at today’s trade shows; from Virtual and Augmented Reality, to Interactive Video Walls and to Artificial Intelligence. But these new innovations don’t mean that your trade show booth should stop focusing on the number one trade show booth element: design.

Since competition at trade shows is plenty, first impressions are integral to attracting visitors. It takes only one fifth of a second for a consumer to form an opinion of a brand; 94 percent of that opinion is related to design—and when it comes to design, the key component of your trade show booth should be ‘comfort.’

Visitors who stop at your booth are likely tired after a long day of walking and talking. Providing them with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where they can unwind can be an economically friendly way to increase trade show booth visitors, and keep your booth fresh, clean, and buzzing.

A comfortable booth attracts attendees looking for a place to park for a few minutes. And if done right, those minutes could turn into a long conversation.

Simple Features of a Comfortable Booth:

  • Soft Lighting
  • Spacious Furniture
  • New floors
  • Calm Colors
  • Snacks and Beverages

Bonus Tip: Set up a charging station at your booth for visitors who need to recharge their smartphones, tablets and computers. And while they charge their devices, your booth staff can chat with them about your service offerings.

Start Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

Maintaining a strong foundation means you can swap in and out design elements, interactive displays, shelving, products, and any other elements that are bound to frequent your booth over time.  Before you decide on which of Apogee’s top booth updates to incorporate, choose the ones that will have the greatest impact on your investment, and we can discuss how to make them a reality and make the most of your trade show booth.

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