Trends in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry trade shows in 2019.

Providing a unique customer experience is one of the best ways marketers can develop meaningful relationships with their customers. So is telling their brand’s story in a creative way; both can lead to a happy customer and long-term profit. Today, marketers have more of an opportunity than ever before to provide experiences and tell their brand’s story thanks to innovations in technology, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, a focus on design that provides more customers with a more comfortable setting, and many more trends that will be sweeping through trade shows in the coming year.

Our new Ebook, “Trade Show Trends to Watch,” highlights the latest innovations and trends at trade shows, and discusses how marketers in biotech and pharma can use our top trade show tips to design long-lasting experiences for their customers.


  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Visitor Engagement
  • How to Provide a Comfortable Setting
  • Themed Trade Show Booths