Virtual Tradeshow Exhibit

Create a Virtual exhibit

#1: Image Gallery

Here you would create links to image galleries, or info graphics.

#2: Video Gallery

This "Hotspot" can link to a corporate video, or youtube channel

#3: Download Brochures

You can link downloadable PDF documents here.

Welcome to your Virtual booth!

A virtual booth can be as simple as what’s shown here.  An image with links to information you want to share with your audiences.  This can be done via a livestream (even from your existing booth) event, a webinar, or something as simple as a mass email.  It creates a place for virtual visitors to “tour” your booth, see your products, and learn more about your company.

When combined wtih a live event such as a webinar, you can also add a chat feature, Q&A session, surveys, and other interactive modules to keep your audience engaged until you are able to exhibit again in person.

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