Using Technology to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

While society seems to be “knee-deep” (and then some) into the digital age, many trade show exhibitors are still maintaining a status quo when it comes to adding interactive technology to their exhibit presence.

Walk a show and you will see a variety of exhibits. Some look as though they used their “way back machine” and are straight out of 1995. Velcro graphics, tables with tons of literature, and maybe even an old TV sitting on a stand. While this may have been the norm 20 years ago, it won’t get the job done today. The exhibitors that “get it” are now employing more digital media to engage booth traffic.

If you’re new to this concept you can ease into digital gradually and build over time. The best way to start at the entry level is by using digital signage monitors. You’ve already seen these in malls, hotels, banks and other places where you might expect them. These are affordable and effective ways of displaying content you may have historically included on a printed banner or graphic. The advantage is that you can now add motion, video, and more dynamic content automatically. You can even manage and update them remotely based on the content you may need at a given time.

We’re incorporating this technology into Rochester trade show displays that we’re developing for clients now. Imagine being able to immediately update graphics and content with a few mouse clicks remotely to your exhibit. This saves you reprinting costs in the long run. While the upfront cost may be a bit higher than printing graphics, your long term cost of ownership is much less because your content creation cost just eliminated the re-print cost you may have historically incurred every time you had a brand or product change.

If you really want to make a lasting impression you can consider adding touch screen technology to your booth. When an attendee passes by and sees a 46″ giant Ipad in your exhibit that they can interact with you’ll notice an increase in traffic. Here’s a short list of some of the things you can do with touch screen technology:

  • Engage your prospects by having them use the screens themselves to navigate.
  • Embed interactive demos and even games and surveys to keep people engaged.
  • Fulfill brochures automatically by emailing right from the screen
  • Use the screen to demo equipment and machinery that you don’t have in the booth.

These are just a few ways to get your booth attendee’s more involved and enable them to learn more about how you work. It also shows them that you’re leading the charge when it comes to using technology and not doing the same old same old and throwing your literature on a table for anyone to grab and go. The future of exhibiting will include a heavy dose of interactive technology so get on the road to the future and out of the 1990’s!

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